First blog post

Well, it’s the cliche to edit this and spam what you’re going to write about, right? To be honest, I’m doing this for selfish reasons (Someone selfish on the internet? Shock horror!).

I’m a coder, but I want to learn more, and get better at what I already know. And I figured the best way to do that is to start writing about it, because if I can write about it, then I have to understand it at least a little bit, right? (And if it turns out I don’t understand it, approximately 8 million people will most likely instantly tell me, probably using caps lock.)

So stick around why don’t you? Initially I’m planning on writing a little bit about Java basics, mostly taken from certification books, and then moving on to some other technologies, perhaps some web based stuff.

…or it’ll fizzle out in two weeks. Who knows? 😀